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  • 1003-2019

    Is it illegal to put a tracker on people ?

    Situations Where a Tracking Device is Legal. As mentioned before, tracking devices are legal in some situations and illegal in others. ... Under Texas statutes, you can place a tracking device on someone else's vehicle with that person's consent

  • 1305-2019

    Impact of upload interval on GPS Tracker

    A friend called me a few years ago, his Audi A8, in the back seat can hear a slight sizzling sound, and the sound is very regular roughly one minute. I asked him when the sound started, did you have it before? Has the vehicle been modified recently? My friend told me that a GPS locator has been added to the vehicle recently. In general, the GPS locator does not have any effect on the vehicle. After inspection, it was found that the GPS locator was installed near the left amplifier of the Audi A8 trunk. The uploading time interval of GPS positioning is 30 seconds or one minute. It can be definitely GPS upload data, causing electronic interference to the power amplifier. The noise is transmitted to the car, the GPS is replaced again, and the noise disappears.

  • 1005-2019

    Can the car GPS Tracker expire and can it continue to be used?

    The life of the positioner can be calculated in units per year. Normal positioners can be used for many years as long as they are used properly. But is the car GPS Tracker expired and can it continue to be used?

  • 0805-2019

    Car GPS Tracker in the automotive finance industry

    Although the car GPS locator is the most effective means in the risk control of related companies such as auto finance car loans, it can not really achieve the purpose of wind control because of improper product selection. The traditional positioner has a single function, unstable performance, and does not have the functions of anti-detection and disassembly alarms, and is often easily solved by the evacuees. Choose GPS locator with anti-interference, anti-detection, anti-disassembly, installation-free, and long standby. It is more reliable and more secure and safer to manage. This kind of locator is also known as the nightmare of car thieves and swindlers, but they can't get rid of the palm of the free magnetic GPS locator.

  • 2904-2019

    To buy used cars, you must check the GPS Tracker. These places are strictly checked.

    Now that the loan is buying a car, although some people have had a view on the loan handling fee because of the fermentation of the Mercedes-Benz incident some time ago, in fact, the consumers who buy the car by the loan still occupy the majority, because this not only slows down the financial pressure, Let young people or families with heavy burdens of life be able to make a car dream. In addition, for many business people, they can save more money for others, so the loan to buy a car for car dealers, consumers, car companies It is a good thing to have a bank, but what many of my friends don't know is that the loan that was originally a good thing to buy a car has been profited by many lawless elements and has become a common phenomenon in the used car market.

  • 2404-2019

    Recover lost children's method Daquan Children's GPS Tracker anti-lost

    Not long ago, a 4-year-old boy was brought to the park by his mother. The mother only danced and eventually lost the child. Later, with the memory, the child found his own home accompanied by the police uncle. Yesterday, the reporter visited several police stations near Dongjiekou. According to the police experience, there are two situations in which children are easy to lose: First, the parents are usually spoiled by the children, do not teach the children to recognize the road, wherever they go, they are accompanied by adults. Some children are eight or nine years old and will be lost. Second, the children of migrant workers are also a group that is easy to lose. Because most of these children come to visit relatives during the summer vacation, they are unfamiliar with their lives, and they are scattered in places where there are many people. How can the holiday prevent children from being lost? We ask the police station, kindergarten teachers, and related experts to give parents a trick.

  • 1604-2019

    Which country stop 2G net already

    Do you know which country can't use 2G net anymore ?

  • 1104-2019

    Hot GPS Tracker we teaches you to guard against the three major purchase errors

    Recently, the editor opened a famous shopping website, entered the GPS Tracker in the search bar, and immediately jumped out of several pages of such products, the price ranged from 100 yuan to nearly 1,000 yuan, which saw a recent network of GPS Trackers. The sales volume reached nearly 700 units. In the process of communication with the store owner, Xiaobian learned that today's various social bad atmospheres caused many car owners to worry about their car, but a simple and easy to use GPS Tracker can really give the majority of car owners a reassurance. This small series decided to buy a GPS Tracker of the majority of car owners to make a purchase misunderstanding, follow the small series to see it .

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