Why do i need a Tracker

There are many benefits of having a GPS Tracker installed in your car. The followings are some of them: 1. Reduce Fuel Cost With a GPS Tracker, you can get the actual fuel consumption against what is reported by your employee. You can also view the routes taken by the driver. With this information, you may be able to provide more efficient routes to save more fuel. 2. Increase Productivity Because you can find out how near or far the current position of your vehicle is from your clients location, you can provide an estimation of when your vehicle can arrive there. Then you will also know if the driver is arriving later than anticipated. 3. Vehicle Misuse for Side Jobs Detection You can view all routes taken by your vehicle at any time. You can also draw a Geo-Fence area in the map, so that if your vehicle exited the area, you would get an SMS alert. Now you will surely know if your driver is making unauthorized stops. 4. Theft Protection With our tracker, you can choose to receive SMS alerts when the engine of the vehicle is being started. You can even cut off the engine of the vehicle from your laptop or your phone in case of emergency. We have had several cases where our clients recovered their cars when stolen. 5. Maintenance Management With our latest tracker, we can retrieved the data from the vehicle such as speed, odometer, RPM and engine coolant temperature and make it ready to be viewed on the web. This data will also be very helpful in detecting any problem and can result in savings of a lot of repair costs. 6. Accurate Billing GPS Tracker can monitor hours of actual use of rented vehicles. This can surely be used to prepare accurate billing. 7. Higher Visibility With GPS Tracker, you can view the current location of your vehicle anytime, anywhere. This can surely make management a lot more effective.

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